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Hi welcome to this forum dedicated to saint seiya mugen
I invite you to register and participate in the life of the forum hope you have fun

hola bienvenido a este foro dedicado a saint seiya mugen
te invito a que te registres y participes en la vida del foro espero que te diviertas

Rules of this Section

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Rules of this Section

Mensaje por kagaho de bennu el Dom Mar 13, 2011 1:28 am

1 .- This section is designed to give to know your work or projects in MUGEN, staff members reserve the right to move or edit your theme as needed.

2.-To place a project or work you're doing, put at least a preview of what was done, so be sure to wear it at least a major advance that others can appreciate and provide feedback on your project.

3 .- Make sure the project or work you are doing, regardless of your authorship or an author open, if it is discovered that the material used is stolen or close permit, be removed immediately.

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